Apr 7, 2015

RAZ Witch Butt and Legs


Well I like Big Butts and I cannot lie!!!!

One of the cutest new Halloween items we have from RAZ this year is the Witch Butt with Legs! The torsos will be available in two colors, orange and purple. The butt has a large hook for attaching.

The Butt will look cute by itself on a Halloween Tree, a door etc….but check out these decorating ideas from RAZ using Butts and Legs!


This creation has the Orange Witch Butt secured in what looks like a real cast iron pot on legs. My husband’s grandmother gave us one of these many years ago…..I think I’ve found a use for it!

The tall curly sprays are also a new item from RAZ for 2015 and called a Spiral Ball  Spray.

The sprays contain glittered balls in Halloween colors and have a little sleeve around them. Very unusual and they can be bent and twisted any way you want.  Here's a closeup image we took while in the RAZ showroom.


Here's a closer look at the Witch Hat spray used in this creation.

RAZ gives us such great decorating ideas using their products....and we love sharing these images with you to inspire your holiday decorating))


This is an adorable creation using a pair of the RAZ Witch Legs and a few Halloween Sprays. We may not have these exact sprays, but we do have several different styles of Halloween sprays.

The witch legs were probably secured to a block of Styrofoam that was hot glued to the bottom of the pot (I'm guessing here, but that's how I would make it). 

The Trick or Treat Cauldron is made of paper pulp and looks like they just filled up the top with colored or natural Spanish Moss. Great Halloween look!


Another great suggestion by RAZ, using farmer's market baskets and straw for filler. RAZ also used a grapevine wreath with the addition of a bow and a few flowers. Outstanding display!

Apr 6, 2015

RAZ 2015 Skinny Leg Skeleton


This RAZ Skinny Leg Skeleton will be arriving to Trendy Tree this summer. Cute decoration!

Great decorating idea from RAZ using this simple grapevine wreath. Pefect....and oh so easy.


The Skeleton is from the 2015 Rustic Halloween Collection by RAZ. He is made of Polyester and measures about 34". Reasonable price too at only $14.50.

Visit Trendy Tree and put him on your Wish List. There is a place to enter your email on the product page to be notified the moment this guy comes in!