Nov 8, 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Sale at Trendy Tree!

Check it out.....lots of whimsical RAZ Halloween decorations and more!

Oct 26, 2013

RAZ Witch Legs and Hat Decoration

RAZ Autumn and Halloween Decor

This is an adorable whimsical Halloween creation by the RAZ designers. It's a little bit late to be posting this image as we sold out of the RAZ Witch Legs and The Lighted Witch Hats weeks ago at Trendy Tree....but there is always next year)))

It's a simple black pot filled with one of the Lighted Witch Hat (we sell them in sets of three on Trendy Tree), some Halloween sprays and a pair of Witch Legs. There is a Black Crow perched on top of the hat, and the pot is flanked by a couple of styles of the very popular Witch Spell Book.

Oct 22, 2013

RAZ Musical Animal Witch's Broom

RAZ Animated Witch Broom H3112331

  • Orange/Black
  • Made of Polyester
  • Measures 23"
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries
  • Not intended for children
  • Plays Spooky Song
  • Wiggles To Music
Watch the video!

Oct 21, 2013

Fall Wreath with RAZ Squirrels and Mossy Log


Wreath we made at Trendy Tree which is great for summer or autumn using the RAZ Squirrels sitting on a Mossy Log.

The Faux Mossy Log from RAZ is very lightweight making it an excellent embellishment for wreaths or centerpieces. It’s made of paper and would need protection from the elements. It measures about 13″ in length and about 3″ in width.

For this wreath, we just secured the log with clear fishing line. You could also use hot glue if you were looking for a permanent attachment.

The Squirrel Pair is also from RAZ and some of the smaller squirrels measuring at about 5.5″ They too are very lightweight and could be attached to the log with hot glue. They are made of Styrofoam and a straw material, and sold in pairs. We have several other styles of squirrels in the brown colors and several white styles in stock from the 2013 RAZ collections.

Click here to see the wreath tutorial at Trendy Tree.

Oct 20, 2013

RAZ Feather Tree and Lighted Branch Chandelier

This RAZ images showcases the new Lighted Chanderliers, Feather Tree and large Spider.

The lighted chandeliers come in three sizes, at Trendy Tree we stock the 14" chandelier which is the chandelier in the center of the photo. More details:
  • Black
  • Made of Iron Wire
  • Measures 14.5" X 14"
  • UL Certified
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Approx 16' To Adapter
  • 176 Clear Rice Lights
  • With Black Stem
  • RAZ Exclusive Design
The Black Feather Tree  H3319091 measures about 29" in ht.  We don't carry the large black spider, but we some similar from RAZ that are smaller and a couple of larger spiders from other manufacturers on Trendy Tree

RAZ 10" Spider H3322469    

RAZ 7" Spider with Blinking Eyes H3222467     

RAZ Candy Corn Garland

RAZ Candy Corn Garland – G3156438

This new RAZ Candy Corn Garland just arrived a few days ago and it will be a fun decoration to work with. The “Candy Corn” measures about 4″ in ht and is 2″ in width at the base. It’s made of Styrofoam and colored up just like the candy in yellow, orange and white…..and it’s all glittery.

The garland measures 52″ in length and contains about 9 of the Candy Corns. It’s on a black string and each candy piece has a black bow attached.


The Candy Corn Garland is light as a feather and will be easy to work into your Halloween creations whether it be in a wreath, centerpiece or draped in front of a window, mantel, table, etc.

Oct 18, 2013

Halloween Chandelier with RAZ Animated Musical Creatures

This is a Halloween chandelier that we made at Trendy Tree using Deco Paper Mesh and a Work Creations wreath form. If you would like to see how we made the chandelier just click on  Wreath Tutorial to go to our Trendy Tree Blog.

To make this decoration a showpiece we added one of the new 2013 RAZ Animated Musical Creatures. He is suspended from the center of the wreath where he can turn freely and move his head and legs.

There are three styles of the creature....the Skeleton, Witch and Frankenstein.

  • Witch, Frankenstein, Skeleton
  • Made of Polyester Fiber
  • Measures 12.5", 14", 15"
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries
  • Head Spins and Legs Kick
  • Spooky Music

More images:

Oct 17, 2013

RAZ Halloween Centerpiece with Spiders and Lighted Branches

This Halloween Centerpiece made by RAZ uses the Halloween Lighted Branches with orange lights. Just a simple metal bucket and Spanish Moss flowing out the top. Easy to re-create. Looks like two sets of the branches were used.

There are two different styles of orange lighted branches available from RAZ. The ones we have are stock, are not the ones used in this photos, but the branches are very similar.

These branches are black with 96 orange rice lights. The three branches are separate, but connected by wire to an electrical adapter.

The Spiders we have in stock from RAZ are a little different too. They have a 4″ body and 7″ legs. The eyes light up and they are battery operated. The SKU is H3222467.

Here's another RAZ spider that just crawled in......and it's posable. It measures about 9" x 12" and is made of nylon and very hairy looking. The SKU is H3322469.

Oct 16, 2013

RAZ Halloween Mantle


Another stunning Halloween mantel idea from RAZ Imports! This collection of items contains some new and previous items from RAZ so you may have some of these stored away in your closet.

This is the great part about RAZ sharing creative decorating ideas……you may not have the exact thing show in the display….but you can re-create the effect with some similar.

The Umbrella Witches are new for 2013 and quite large at 52″ in length. Sorry, but we've sold out of all our Umbrella Witches for this season.

We do still have the small Witch Hat with Legs in the Orange and Purple.

Love the way they have the string lights just sort of draped across the top and the fire effect that the orange gives off in the fire place.

The string lights were very popular also last year and we ordered even more lengths this year…..we have the 5′ 9′ and 20′ as shown above. You’ll be able to purchase them in either purple or orange. 

Here’s a neat link to show you how RAZ put the creation together: Click Here

Oct 14, 2013

RAZ 2013 Bobble Eye Creatures

The Bobble Eye signs are a new item for the 2013 RAZ Halloween Collection.

RAZ Bobble Eyes H3316175
This assortment of signs include a Dracula, Witch, Skeleton and Frankenstein. They are very lightweight, made of shiny plastic and the eyes...bobble. They have wire hangers and measure about 9.5-10" in width. These are in stock at Trendy Tree and priced individually....still plenty of time to get one for Halloween!

There is also a larger size in assorted styles include two owls and a bat. They measure about 11.5". The eyes just shimmer and wiggle when slightly touched.

RAZ Bobble Eyes H3316176

These Bobble Eyes make great decorations for wreaths because they are lightweight. Here's a couple of images of a Halloween wreath that we made in the Trendy Tree shop using the Bobble Eyes. The wreath measures about 28" so this give you a better idea of the size of the Bobble Eyes.

If you would like to see how we made the wreath, just click on Halloween Ruffle Wreath Tutorial.

RAZ Spellbooks

The RAZ Spell books have always been very popular at Trendy Tree and this year RAZ has brought out several new versions. The first is a Spider Spell book and we sell them in a set of two books.

RAZ Spider Spell book H3311135
They are made of a resin material and decorated in brown and black. They measure around 8 to 9.75". One is a little larger than they other and they stand up. They have a very weathered, antique look.

Another new version of the Spell book is Eyeball books. This just screams Harry Potter doesn't it!
These are my favorite for sure...both styles the weathered look.

RAZ Eyeball Spell books H3311134
These book are a lighter brown than the Spider Spell books, one is a little larger than the other and they measure about 8-10" They too will stand freely.

The previous version of Spell books are still available too!

One of the stacked versions ...

RAZ Stacked Spell book H3011134

We have two versions of the open-faced spell books...

RAZ Open Spell books H3011132

RAZ Open Spell book H3011135

Time to Revive this Blog!

Sorry we've been away from blogging here for so long, but we're back now and it's just in time for Halloween!

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