Oct 17, 2013

RAZ Halloween Centerpiece with Spiders and Lighted Branches

This Halloween Centerpiece made by RAZ uses the Halloween Lighted Branches with orange lights. Just a simple metal bucket and Spanish Moss flowing out the top. Easy to re-create. Looks like two sets of the branches were used.

There are two different styles of orange lighted branches available from RAZ. The ones we have are stock, are not the ones used in this photos, but the branches are very similar.

These branches are black with 96 orange rice lights. The three branches are separate, but connected by wire to an electrical adapter.

The Spiders we have in stock from RAZ are a little different too. They have a 4″ body and 7″ legs. The eyes light up and they are battery operated. The SKU is H3222467.

Here's another RAZ spider that just crawled in......and it's posable. It measures about 9" x 12" and is made of nylon and very hairy looking. The SKU is H3322469.