Oct 14, 2013

RAZ 2013 Bobble Eye Creatures

The Bobble Eye signs are a new item for the 2013 RAZ Halloween Collection.

RAZ Bobble Eyes H3316175
This assortment of signs include a Dracula, Witch, Skeleton and Frankenstein. They are very lightweight, made of shiny plastic and the eyes...bobble. They have wire hangers and measure about 9.5-10" in width. These are in stock at Trendy Tree and priced individually....still plenty of time to get one for Halloween!

There is also a larger size in assorted styles include two owls and a bat. They measure about 11.5". The eyes just shimmer and wiggle when slightly touched.

RAZ Bobble Eyes H3316176

These Bobble Eyes make great decorations for wreaths because they are lightweight. Here's a couple of images of a Halloween wreath that we made in the Trendy Tree shop using the Bobble Eyes. The wreath measures about 28" so this give you a better idea of the size of the Bobble Eyes.

If you would like to see how we made the wreath, just click on Halloween Ruffle Wreath Tutorial.