Oct 14, 2013

RAZ Spellbooks

The RAZ Spell books have always been very popular at Trendy Tree and this year RAZ has brought out several new versions. The first is a Spider Spell book and we sell them in a set of two books.

RAZ Spider Spell book H3311135
They are made of a resin material and decorated in brown and black. They measure around 8 to 9.75". One is a little larger than they other and they stand up. They have a very weathered, antique look.

Another new version of the Spell book is Eyeball books. This just screams Harry Potter doesn't it!
These are my favorite for sure...both styles actually.....love the weathered look.

RAZ Eyeball Spell books H3311134
These book are a lighter brown than the Spider Spell books, one is a little larger than the other and they measure about 8-10" They too will stand freely.

The previous version of Spell books are still available too!

One of the stacked versions ...

RAZ Stacked Spell book H3011134

We have two versions of the open-faced spell books...

RAZ Open Spell books H3011132

RAZ Open Spell book H3011135